Drafting Challenge

This is the IBM quantum computer in Zurich. Draft that, CAD jockies!


@simoncbevans, please complete your its profile.

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I am the Schrodinger II supercomputer. Due to quantum supremacy, I have no problem with any size of model you care to draw. Bring in as many multi-polygon components as you like. The only issue you need to address is that you may find me in Zurich or I may be in Vladivostok. Or both. Just don’t look at me.

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Does it even run SketchUp?

It not only runs Sketchup and any rendering program you like, producing detailed renders in real time, but it can also work out the largest prime number in existence. Unlike Deep Thought, it only took it a week to work out the answer to life, the universe, and everything. But it is taking it much longer to work out how to get out of lockdown.

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But will it blend?

No. For that you need one of these:

Or one of these:

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It took a week to return: 42 ?

Why would it return my street number?

Maybe it tells you it’s time to move.

That looks like one of Chris Rosewarne’s creations!

It looks more organic to me, like a Portuguese man o’ war. Which would make sense as they incorporate zooids. Right out of Star Trek where bio-neural technology was used.