Downloading Sketchup Make from an external web site

Hello @Caver99

Softonic is not actually a verified reseller of SketchUp. Please make sure in the future that you do not go through Softonic. We also do not recommend downloading any SketchUp Make versions from anywhere other than our SketchUp website. We can’t control the quality or accuracy of those downloads, you maybe downloading a virus as well as an old version. Thanks also @DanRathbun


Thanks Alex. I fully understand and support your point. But when I’m not let to download Sketchup Make from the Sketchup web site options start running thin.
Again, thanks for your input.

Hello @caver99 let me know if you would like a direct download link to SketchUp Make 2014 to make things easier on you and I can send it to you! Download SketchUp 2015 here.


Could you elaborate on this a bit? Is this an issue with local policy on your system, with something blocking access to the SketchUp site, or because you were unable to find the download on the site?