Downloading from 3Dwarehouse (SU2016)

I can’t download this bus because i use sketchup 2016 :frowning:

I’m little disappointed :confused:

Download the Collada file and use that to get it into older versions.

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I didnt understand everything, where I download the file “collada”?

Go to the model using a browser, this gives you a download button with 4 choices, the last one is Collada.

I will try that,tanks you for your help! :slight_smile:

Hello, I just downloaded it as a collada file, but I do not know how to convert it to a sketchup file 2016, you can help me for that?

Collada is a zip file, extract the model from within and use File/Import to bring it into sketchup.

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I think you are getting mixed up with kmz. Collada is an XML file, it’s just text. You open the file in SketchUp by using File/Import, and choose Collada as the file type.

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Perhaps with Mac.

At least one of us is confused. Are you saying that if you go to File->Import… on Windows there is no item for COLLADA Files (*.dae)?

It’s true that when SketchUp exports as .kmz it actually embeds a .dae file within the zipped kmz archive, and conversely that is all it will import from a kmz. But I don’t think a .dae file is zipped.

Windows downloads collada as a zip with a .dae inside.

Ah, that is 3D Warehouse’s choice; OS independent. I get a zipped file on Mac also. Yes, it needs to be unzipped to extract the .dae before import to SketchUp.

So my explanation for a windows user was accurate.

You are right about it coming down as a zip file. Funnily, the first model I tried just now happened not to have Collada as an option, but it did have kmz.

Here’s a screenshot from inside Windows SketchUp Make, File/Import, with Collada showing in the list.

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Hi guys!
I was follow your instructions I can finally import the bus :slight_smile:

I cant use the plug-in because I use a 32 bit version of Windows

thank all for your help!

The model is very damaged, I will try to repair it!

The bus is ready :slight_smile: