Downloaded model not opening in sketchup browser

Hi All,

My downloaded sketchup model is not opening in Sketchup browser. The download model has an X in the icon, see image bellow

What does it mean?

Thanks a thousand

Can you share the (downloaded) file?
Or take a snapshot of the folder?

Hi Mike,

THis is the file location. I ques it has to do with the cloud harddrive, though as you see, not all files are unavailble


The size indicates it’s just some sort of shortcut. Something went wrong, the ‘X’ might appear if you try to open the first one.

Try downloading the real thing from the browser:
top left hamburger menu-> Download->pick a format and download as .SKP (preferably on the local harddrive, first!)


Remains strange though, I have opend the file yesterday so the corruption must have happend somewhere in between.


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