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The Analytics Information has proved to be very useful. However, the Downloaded CSV File is ‘Missing’ some of the ‘Model Names’ (Three or Four Model Names out of around 60 Models).

I usually complete a Draft of the Model Description in MS Word before I ‘Cut & Paste’ into the 3D Warehouse Template. Could this be a problem arising from the MS Word Format arriving in a Data Field? - Although this does not appear to be consistent - Even some Model Names that have been entered manually, appear to be missing from the CSV.

Once in MS Excel, I can ‘Sort’ the information, and add the missing names - Is there any ‘Order’ to the CSV Information, or is it generated randomly for each user?

Another problem appears to be ‘Decreasing Views and Downloads.’ For Example, a CSV generated yesterday might show 25,680 Views, yet one from today reports 24,385 As there is no ability to ‘Unview’ or ‘Undownload’ I was wondering what causes the discrepancy.

Thanks for this, Bob. I’ll PM you, and we’ll report back here once we have a solution. I’m seeing blank names in the CSV file for four models, even though the models have names. We’ll get to the bottom of this.

OK, I worked with Bob, and the numbers appear to be good, and increasing, IF we look at them from the epoch of Bob importing models. Now, if you go week, month, or year data, it’s a rolling number. That is, as we look back for one week, the number that drops off (8 days ago) may be more than yesterday’s number, so those numbers may actually decrease. Your total numbers should not, and we haven’t observed that.

As far as model names missing, we are noticing that sometimes they don’t show up on the report or the CSV, and it’s not always the same file. It appears to be a timing thing, so we’ll fix that, and a bug is filed. The link to the model is good, so you still know what model that data is for, so it’s not harmful, just annoying. Thanks for your feedback, Bob.

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OK, we think we found the cause for random, very rare blank names in the reports. Most of you wont see them, but we’ll fix and update soon. Like I said, no lost information, it’s just not getting into the analytics report on your models and collections.

Thanks for the update.

OK, we’ve fixed the outage & warnings in our data, you should now see Model Names on all your models all the time in the analytics report.

Many thanks

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