Downgrading building LOD tools (combos)

Any tips appreciated: I have architectural building models, often given to me all on one layer, which I need to downgrade the level of detail for (then export to collada). I am currently using skp2015 but hoping to go to 2018 pro in later half of year. I have been using manual methods with section planes and the clean tool by thom thom.
All I really need is the ‘silhouette’ of the building, these things don’t close as a solid… My other objective is to reduce the amount of planes and edges as I need the collada as small as possible. Does anybody have any clever ideas or tools (that I have missed) for speeding this up. It can take me days and thats just not cool. One issue is vertices that are too close together. Flagging those for easy deletion would help. Think of my target as going from cityGML LOD4 to LOD2.5!

Take a look at CADup

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