Dovetail joints

I am looking for a plugin to add dovetail joints to my projects.

Does this extension work with SketchUp Pro 2021?

Hi Dave and thank you for your reply. You did not specify which tool you had used…

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There is a link in @DaveR 's first post.

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Take a look at these plugins

Does this Extension come in English? How about the video of using it?

Hi Dave!
I am not sure which message you are refering to: can you tell me?

Good morning!
Does this extension work with Sketchup Make 2017?

Everything I see is in French? Can you send me another Link for English?

I am talking about the VMS_UP site.

All the interest seems to be for the one posted by @KScher. Maybe they can provide a link to an English version of that extension. the one I gave you the link to two days ago is only in English but evidently there’s no interest in that one so I deleted the post.

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