Double envelope residence

I am trying to model a residence that would have a sunspace on the south, circulation of air around the interior envelope includeing through the basement, up through the sunspace over the top of the interior shell and back down the north wall. This space would target a year round 55 degrees f year round and the interior space could then have a very low delta T of ~ 15 degrees. Ideally very little heating or cooling hvac requirements.

Any help with this?

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We need much more information to help you. How many square feet in the residence? What materials do you intend to use? Are you describing what is in effect a double-wall structure, with air circulating in the space between the two sets of walls? Will you depend on convection to circulate the air passively, or will you use some sort of mechanical air-mover?
I think you will need several SketchUp models to explain what you want to do: One schematic to describe the airflow. One perspective view showing the walls. Plus various elevations and section cuts to show the relationship between the parts of the structure.

great, i will pull some things together, but here are some starters:
full basement 1200 sf
First floor with double walls on north and south. the south wall would and inner south wall would form an atrium space 2 story… the first floor with grates or open areas to allow flow of air up from basement
first floor space including the atrium/sunspace would in effect match the 1200 sf of basement
second floor would have a slightly smaller footprint maybe 800 sf with balcony overlooking first floor but within the inner shell. lots of windows on south exterior wall as well as interior south wall to allow light in.
The ceiling of second floor would have a small space between the second floor ceiling and the SIP roof.
building construction would be glue laminated timbers to achieve mass wall status. Insulated first floor, insulated slab and below grade walls gabled roof.
etc. i will make some plans.


You should probably hire an architect.

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