Double drawing


I am trying to draw in a layout (n°2) on a first drawing in the layout n°1.

The drawing in the first layout is exported from another software and it is not perfect so i need to redraw it. (I will export it in a software that needs a perfect sketch)
For example: I have a cube with 32 entities, i should have 18 entities, so i want to redraw it in another layout above it.

The problem is that even if I activate the second layout and i draw on it, It will not draw it because the line is in the first layout. How it is possible to let the first layout visible and i can draw above it in the second layout?

I hope my explanation is clear, my english isn’t so good :smile:

Thank you

It’s hard to know what you mean. I guess you cannot be referring to the Layout program as you don’t seem to have Sketchup Pro.

You don’t say what program you have exported from nor what format the imported data is in. It sounds like you may have imported as some kind of image file (pdf, png, jpg, etc) and are trying to trace over it. Is that right?

It really helps if you upload the file or at the very least a screenshot of some kind. Otherwise we have to guess at what you are trying to do.

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