Double click file open - Sketchup Pro 2018 BUG?


So here’s my problem.

I just updated my Sketchup Pro to 2018. I do still have 2017 installed.
I think the problem is after copying all my plugins from 2017 to 2018, not sure. but when I double click a sketchup file and it opens in 2018 I cannot click anywhere as if it’s stuck or something. upon clicking anywhere I hear the tune sound and would have to end task it. However on the other hand if I open the Sketchup itself first then click file and open my file through that, I can work with it no problem. no issue seems to be there. I wouldn’t like to get use to doing that but I am sure somebody can help me out fixing this issue where I can double click and open my file and be able to use it.



That method has long been abandoned and is not supported any longer, doing it that way is just begging for trouble. Follow the correct method of installing extensions / plugins.


There are a couple of possible issues. One, as Julian mentioned is copying extensions and plugins from an older version. This is an invitation for problems. They should always be installed fresh from their sources to make sure you have the most current versions.

Another common reason for weird behavior such as this is incorrect installation of SketchUp. On the PC double clicking to run the installer is not the correct method. Instead, while signed in with your normal user credentials, you must right click on the installer exe and choose Run as administrator. This is not the same as being the system administrator. You can fix the installation by closing SketchUp, finding the installer exe and use Run as administrator. Then choose Repair when the option is presented.

I would remove all of the extensions from your user Plugins folder and repair the installation. Then, before installing fresh copies of extensions, see if the behavior has changed. Also, don’t just install all of the extensions at one time. Instead, install a few and test. If an extension is causing the problem, it’ll be easier to identify which one if you only add a few at a time.


My apology on late reply, and thank you for your response :slight_smile:


my apology on late reply. Thank you for your response Dave. I did install it using Admin credentials by right clicking. I think it was the copying of the plugins that gave me issue. however, I think Sketchup just needed some time to adjust to the new setting I had copied over. I have not done anything since this issue and now I am able to open my files by just double clicking them. It did not work on 1 file yesterday, but on another file today. so it sort of have it’s own wish to either let me in or out after opening a file. If this issue still persist I will definitely follow both of your suggestions. Thanks again :slight_smile: