Dongle doesn't infer if it's in the center of selection (default location)

I’ve got this example here where the Dongle in the center of a selection doesn’t infer with a point I want to grap from a Sketchup VP. I’m not sure if this is the only case, as I’ve never noticed it before.


I think it is called “center point” or “reference point”. perhaps not a dongle?


Mr. Dongle, who doesn’t know if he is a “center point”, a “reference point”, a “gizmo”, a “crosshair” or isimply a “thingy”, is getting psychotic.

Sorry joseph, I know you mean well, just take a look at this post for a more in depth Mr. Dongle story:

BTW, have you noticed this behaviour too?

No i actually dont.

Maybe because your group was more complicated?

Yes, it has to do with multiple selection

ah i see. that is so strange.