Domain Registration Requests

Good morning can you please whitelist ?

Hi Steve,
Thanks for your Reply ,
only 15 users are able to use Sketchup in the School , even it was working before for all and now School are not able use sketch up, everytime we login through goodle Error 400 : Admin_policy Enforced.

I am not sure where to look at it. Can you help ?


Good morning. could you please add the following domain. I have had my admin add it to google.
My name is todd Staub. I created an account using
my username for sketch up is toddstaub
our tech admin is Jason wise,

here is his response:

I allowed it through the admin portal and it said it could take 24 hrs.

try accessing it from this link and see if you can install it now. If not, we will have to wait until tomorrow around this time.

Good Afternnon,

Can you please whitelist domain?

Best Regards and Thankyou

Please whitelist
Champlain Valley School District



Please white list

Kind regards,
Jonathan Tepper
K12 Independent School, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Please whitelist our domain:

Please whitelist
It is Huntington Union Free School District (New York)

Thank you.

Need ASAP please…

Hi there. We need to be added to the approved edu list. This is for the Northshore School District (Bothell, WA)

Thank you!

the domain request is

Please add to the whitelist.

Please can you add

Thank you.

Are these requests even being seen?? Could we get a confirmation please?


Please add & to the whitelist please

Please Whitelist:

Would you please whitelist the following domains?
It will be the domain of Kumamoto Prefectural School in Japan.

Please Whitelist:

I’ve asked for our school district to be added to the whitelist multiple times now. I have yet to hear back. Hopefully someone assists us soon.


We need to have the following domains added for Rochester School District in Washington State:

Please and thank you!

Is anyone from Sketchup fielding these? I understand this is a free service for Education, but the complete lack of support for a issue that is completely out of our control is troublesome. Last year we were given education licenses for students. Now we’re being forced to find alternative software options as this product is literally being blocked from our students.

@robie69 I apologize for the delay, we recognize that at times these have been tough to follow up on. Your domain address has been manually registered, and I wanted to let you know that we have assigned another member of our team to assist with these requests so that everyone should see quicker response times! Please let us know if you or your students are still experiencing access issues, and we appreciate your continued support of SketchUp.

We are also actively working on improved support options for our SketchUp for Schools users, so keep an eye out for updates.

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