Domain Registration Requests

Please whitelist the following domains for the Upper Merion Area School District:

Thank You!


I have added the following user’s school domains to our approval list.


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Merci :pray:

Please whitelist the following domain for Danish elementary schools:

Please whitelist our domain. This is our second request. Thank you!

Can you please whitelist our school domain Thanks

@adamdroid SketchUp for Schools is only available for use on educational domains. Please visit our primary website to review the products that may serve you best.

@mrichardson @jpinder @philip.theobald @lbrent @pmeasday

Your domains have all been manually registered.

@runawaydevil @SteveA1 SketchUp for Schools is an application for use in K-12 education. It appears that the domains you provided were for higher education institutions. We do offer a number of options for Higher Ed and I would recommend that you review them here: 3D Modeling Software Pricing | 3D Design Program Cost | SketchUp

Thank you for adding Hamden Middle to the list.

Our technician does not see an install button when trying to download from the marketplace.

Does he have to allow all permissions in settings first? - He is concerned about doing that…


Hi, could you please add to the white list? Thank you very much!

Hi, can you please add domain in whitelist.

Hi SketchUp Team,

Could you please whitelist our school’s domain.

Thank you
VERSO International School

Hi All,

Please could you whitelist our school domain:



Good morning/afternoon,

If I could get the following domains whitelisted please:
Thank you,

Hi can, you please whitelist


Can you whitelist


The following user’s school domains have been registered for use of SketchUp for Schools:

@afm @hdoshi2 @disakorn.s @PPSSketchUp @EzequielVR @Caznet @hkimball

I am sorry…
it is
@Erie Catholic Tech Team

That is @Steve_Ketchup 's way to get your attention.
You can do it too, like this: @hkimball