Domain Registration Requests

@combsj @network.manager Your domains have been manually registered. If you continue to experience access issues please verify that the app has been deployed correctly to your domain, and if so please let us know.
thank you!!!

the age range of the students is from 14 to 18 year and is, as you write, a purely secondary school (public state school) with a technology focus.
If you need other informations i’m available


can you please whitelist my schools domain?
here it is: for students for teachers

@pattyj90 @DanieleG @j_nelson641 your domains have all been registered!

I confirm all run right, thank you a lot


Thank you

I’m hoping I am in the right place. Like a number of other districts our students have lost the ability to sign in to Google for Schools from the Google accounts. I’m seeing lots of requests for whitelisting of educational domains and am hoping our domain can be added as well.
Please whitelist

I have confirmed all permissions on Workspace Google Admin console are correct.

Thank you.

Please whitelist our domains. - teachers - students.
Thank you!

Can you add our school domain:

Please we are a free course school. Add our domain to the whitelist:

We lost our access for some reason. Could you please whitelist Google for Education school, classroom is enabled.

Nevermind! I didn’t have the marketplace app installed. I had the other app setup in the Admin panel.

Could you please add

This is for Santa Fe Public schools in Santa Fe, NM

Thank you.

Hello, could the following domains please be whitelisted for sketchup for schools access?

Thank you for the help!

Please register our domain

I have not used forums in the past so I apologize if I repeated this message in other replies…

Thank you!

Please whitelist our domain,, for the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. Thanks.

Hello, Please can our school be whitelisted: Thank you

Please add to your edu domains. Thank you.

Please allow:

Please whitelist: