Domain Registration Requests

Please whitelist
SketchUp for Schools has been enabled in Microsoft Azure AD

Attempted login today and this still doesn’t work. This has really soured our view on this company and this product. Anyone new trying to get whitelisted, don’t hold your breath. We’re looking for alternatives to using SketchUp as this experience and support is horrendous. :rage:

There has been no reply from anyone on the SketchUp team on this thread in over a month (since 10/13/2021), and @Steve_Ketchup hasn’t even logged onto the forums in 3 weeks.

I realize this is a free product, but do you not want new users for it? Do you not want our teachers using your product in the classroom, thus encouraging students to use the paid version once they graduate due to familiarity?

Tagging every member of the SketchUp_Team group who has been online in the last 24 hours in an attempt to get somebody to address this thread.

@SketchUp_Team @Steve_Ketchup @colin @TheOnlyAaron @Aristodimos @corney @tt_su @tickletickle @jody @Mark @Bryceosaurus @kellyp @ChrisDizon @timlanier @LadyPrism @eric-s @J4SketchUp @twells @stephanieSU

@Steve_Ketchup is the best option, but @Tori_SU is worth asking as well.

Many people post a new message about their particular case. This topic is at 384 posts long at this point, and it isn’t easy to see that there is a new issue being reported, and not just a follow up comment. In this case tagging people was a good idea.

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Thanks Colin! I’ve seen many forums elsewhere where moderators get cranky when people start a new thread on the same topic that already has an existing thread (especially when the existing thread is pinned/stickied like this one). Also, when I looked at several of the separate threads people had started on their own, they haven’t been getting replies either, so I opted to post in this one.

@JWW-CSISD Thank you for bringing this back to the top of our queue, I’ve manually registered the domain, so provided that the deployment has been successfully completed you should now be able to log in through G Suite.

As Colin mentioned, it can be difficult at times to determine the difference between a new request and a follow up on a thread of this size, so our team has been working on a new solution for users when it comes to reporting this issue. We hope to streamline the process for you and provide clarity about the best way to proceed. Please stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming announcement! In the meantime we’ll be sure to go back through this thread asap to pick up any requests we may not have addressed yet.

Thanks @Tori_SU I wrote in the forum for my domain last mounth. I stay tune…

@michael.reindl If your school is logging in with Microsoft for Education I’m afraid the manual registration process is not applicable as it only applies to Google accounts.
Could you please elaborate on the messaging you’re seeing upon login?

@marashi The domain you’ve requested redirects to a higher education institution and SketchUp for Schools is only available for K-12 students and educators.

We do have a number of products available for higher education, details of which can be found here. For more information please contact your local reseller at

@s.herrliberg The manual registration process is only applicable for schools who use G Suite for Education, and Microsoft has a different deployment process. If you are still experiencing access issues after deploying the app as an administrator, could you please provide a bit more detail around what you’re seeing?

@Lisa9 @chris.eldred @liamhildinger @brent_takenouchi @LetrasT @sethm @CRoth2 @rparentsba @bulldogsketchy @dcoleman @TheNah1000

Thank you all for your patience, I have now manually registered the domains that you provided, so you should be able to access the app on those domains. Please keep in mind that this is only applicable for G Suite users, and still requires a successful domain install of the app. Manual registration does not bypass the need for user permissions. If you are still experiencing access issues please reach out to us with details and we will work with you to get you up and running!

So this will not work for Azure Microsoft App? I tested and using the Google Authentication seems to be working now. Actually, tested with Microsoft Authentication also and that seemed to work too. Not sure why you mentioned it only works for G-Suite users. In any event seems to have worked.

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