Domain Registration Requests

@Steve_Ketchup can you please make sure that is whitelisted. We are a K-12 school district in Gloucester, MA.

please whitelist domain and for staff and teachers; for students.

@Steve_Ketchup Hello, could you please allow our domain for GEMS Education: (Staff) (Students) (Students)

@jessica_kirk @it.specialistas @esilva

I’ve added your domains to our list of approved users. Please try logging in and let me know if you have any additional issues.

Good evening I’m a teacher. we used SketchUp at school last years but now our students can’t use it due to age’s restrictions. If it possible registration our domain?
So will our students be able to use it even if they are under 18?
Thanks a lot

Hello, would you please whitelist our student domain:
thanks! for our teachers for our students

Thank you.

Could you please whitelist:

Thank you!

Hello, would you please whitelist our student domain:
for teachers:
for students:

We are unable to login. I have already authorized the marketplace app for domain install as global admin. Also authorized Microsoft Office 365 also.

Boyertown Area School District, is the school website. Our user domains are:

I also posted here, but haven’t heard back: SketchUp for Schools Login Changes for G Suite Users - #141 by CRoth2