Domain Registration Requests

I’m looking to get the domains and added to SketchUp for

@jchollett & @radfordj You are all set. I’ve approved your domains to use SketchUp for Schools.

Ok, so our IT guy said it was a whitelist problem why the app wouldn’t load. The program is still doing the same thing after being whitelisted, it is opening and then the logo just sits there and rotates back and forth and doesn’t load. I have tried to download it to the student Chromebooks and that still won’t work. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Good morning/afternoon,

If I could get the following domains whitelisted please:

My thanks for any assistance you can offer.

Kind regards,

Please add my domain to your approved list.
Thank you.

Brad Williams
Director of Technology

please add our domain to your list

Good afternoon, could you whitelist our school: G Suite there is.
Thank you.


Please authorize K-12 for students at /

Thank you.

Casey Rodriguez

Google Administrator @ PPS

@bbellew @AES_BSW @andyparkernz @AntonioRivas @CrodriguezPPS

I have approved your domains for use of SketchUp for Schools. Please let me know if you have any additional trouble logging in.

@Tori_SU Do you have any suggestions?


Apologies I had misspelled our student domain. Please authorize the following correction at your earliest convenience. NOT


@Steve_Ketchup Please whitelist and the sub -

@Steve_Ketchup Can you please whitelist,, and

Thank you.

Hello Steve,

Please make sure to include for approval.

Unfortunately our original request had a misspelling of Thanks.


Casey Rodriguez

Dear Support,

Example student:

Thank you and best regards!

We keep getting a screen that says that this service is unavailable for google workspace who are under 18 and children who are under 13. How do we fix this?

Please add our K-12 domain
Thank you

Please add “” to the whitelist. We have been working fine until recently and now we are caught in an authentication loop. Thanks! (also posted in the thread for people with authentication loop issues)

I’ve updated your domain to

Hello, I have approved the following user’s domains for use of SketchUp for Schools:

@gguynes ; @meakjoe ; @CrodriguezPPS ; @tim.evans ; @jchollett ; @ldipiano ; @rickyb

Please let me know if you continue to experience issues logging into the application.