Domain Registration Requests

Hi I have granted access to sketchup for school but the students still can use sketchup for school.

can you add to the list please

Please could you add our school to the domain registration, as we are unable to install it at all as it says we are not an edu or using gsuite whatever. Our domain is:

Hi, could you add please.

Good Morning,

Could we be added, please?

Many thanks,



Please can the domain and our primary school domain be added to the whitelist?

Kind regards,


I have approved your domains to access SketchUp for Schools. Please let me know if you have any additional trouble logging in.

Could you please add my school domain to whitelist?

Thank you

You are all set!

Thanks Steve,
everything is working now.
Thank you and best regards
Alessandro Lo Casale

Can you please add my domain to the whitelist.

Thank you

@Steve_Ketchup, could you please add my secondary education domain used for select students to your list, please?

Thank you!

I’ve added your domain, you should now be able to log in and access SketchUp for Schools.