Domain Registration Requests

Steve, May I please have added to you registry? Thank you

Please whitelist the following domains (Pittsford Schools)

Staff -
Students -

Thank You

Could you please add our domain to the whitelist

Many thanks


Are you still adding domains to the registry? Haven’t gotten a response and we continue to have issues logging in.

Thank you for your time and efforts!

@jfraser @sdmoran @marmitage @marmitage @jpkite4 @psemer @TMBS @gabrielpak @cc_10123 @polstrak @wwrsd @fazee6 @cjohnson10 @epfeif @ChrisA

Your domains have been added to our registry. Please be aware that SketchUp for Schools still requires admin approval before users can access it from your school accounts. In order to approve the app, an administrator with Domain or Global admin privileges must deploy the app from our Google marketplace landing pa

Hi there, we’re having a problem with a subset of users, it seems. SketchUp for Schools is enabled on the OU all faculty and students are in, but some people are getting the “It looks like you’re having trouble signing in. Make sure you’ve enabled pop-up windows for SketchUp, then complete sign in using the pop-up window that appears.”
We’re a pre-k to 12 school with domain

Thanks for any help you can provide.

HI, is there anything I can do on my end as our Gsuite admin?

Hi! we also whant ous secondary school domain in the list:

Thank you!

Hey Steve, thank you. Sorry, you keep adding @cjohnson10 but that is my user name. The domain for our district is I am but there are about 45 teachers that teach what I do and would probably love access to your product. I have tried to get my district IT admin to give me access, but they just refer me back to you. Sorry.

Thank you


Sorry for the confusion, both of your domains ( & have been added to our domain registry. I tagged your username in the comment to notify you that the addresses have been added.

We have just started getting a message asking if we are in the right place. Our domains are:

Can these be whitelisted?

Please add Thanks!

HI Steven,

Thank you so much for the follow up on adding our domain to your registry.

I should have included both of our education Google domains for whitelisting.

Can the student domain also please be added to your whitelist?

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Best regards,



Hi - We’ve whitelisted the app in our system but are still getting the “Are you in the right place” error - perhaps we need to be whitelisted on your side as well?

Gloucester County Public Schools

Thank you!

@Steve_Ketchup - Is it possible to get our domains whitelisted.

Can you please whitelist our domains? Our website is located at if you need verification that we are a K12 school system.


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Please whitelist our domain of for staff and students. Thank you

Can you please confirm that and are whitelisted? This had been done a couple years back, but we are now getting the “Are you in the right place?” error when attempting to use SketchUp for Schools. Thank you.

Hello Steve, I continue to have trouble logging in. I have allowed Pop-Ups for What is the next step? Thank you. Doug


Please flag Winchester Thurston School ( as being a K-12 institution. We are a private school using Google Apps for Education but are unable to sign into Sketchup for Schools. Thank you!