Doing a push/pull maneuver on a part which was grouped

Blakslee bench seats.skp (100.5 KB)

I know I know this is probably some real beginner stuff, but, in this model I have the seat potion running underneath the back, and I need to reverse this so that the back runs down behind the seat, and every time I try to push the seat portion forward by 3/4 it says my offset is limited to zero. How do I fix this?

The back edge of the seat panel is not square to the top and bottom faces so Push/Pull won’t work from the back. Do it from the side instead or use the Move tool to move the back face and its edges forward. You’ll need to do something similar to bring the bottom edge of the back down for the same reason.



Move for the back rest panel

The back edge of the seat is not cut at the same angle as the back. You might want to change that.

I did fix it in the attached. compare it to your version.
Blakslee bench seats.skp (74.6 KB)

Thank you. Can you explain to me where my angles are different and how I go about correcting this? I thought that by the way I drew it that all angles were correct. Where did the difference become obvious to you

The angles are very close. It became obvious when I moved the bottom edge of the back panel down. You can see it in the last screen shot if you look toward the top edge of the seat.

What will be my best method to correct this?

I corrected it by selecting the top back edge of the seat and moving it forward. It helps to put a guideline along the top side edge so you can follow it with the cursor.

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