Does your SpaceMouse ever stick slightly?

I was wondering if anyone here has experienced their SpaceMouse (particularly the Enterprise Model) sticking a little after a move:

@TheOnlyAaron would be a good person to ask.

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Not sure how @TheOnlyAaron is summoned, but you’re definitely right @colin.

He does check the forum anyway, but tagging him, like you and me just did, will make sure he knows there is a topic where he is needed.

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Thanks, Colin! I was employing a bit of friendly sarcasm in the last post, I am aware that tagging someone sends them a notification. I thought it would be neat to poke Aaron a bit. Sorry for the confusion… :sweat_smile:

Hold on, I’ll get his cell number…

Just kidding.

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Check your video, it is unreadable, at least for me.

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Strange, it works for me. It isn’t that exciting, until the end, when panning around gets super slow.

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It worked for me, but now it should work for sure.

The point is, I had let go of the SpaceMouse at that point, and it was moving without my permission! :anger: Makes precise drawing a bit annoying sometimes.

They do tend to wander a bit from time to time. I wouldn’t have called it sticking myself.

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I agree, your description is much better. However, I have had the movement be much more drastic than what I showed in the video. “Wandering” is a better term

Yes, I experience that very slow “wandering” sometimes. You just have to tap the SM and it will stop.


Looks like my work here is done!

Yeah, I do see it wander every once in a while. Generally a general tap to the puck stops it. If it won’t, running Calibrate in the app or unplugging for a second seems to fix everything.

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Same here, sometimes it’s slowly wandering. A tap on the puck solves it here too!

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Well that’s good to know! Thanks everyone!

I have the enterprise model, and yes it “sticks”
I use mine all day long for work purposes.
Interestingly, however, I don’t believe it is physically sticking.
I have scenarios where it is really intent on continuously panning for example. no amount of tapping or counter pushing works.
But, unplug, and plug back in, resolves the issue, no more “sticking”
It seems to be more of a software bug than a physical bug.