Does this really not work on 10.13.....?

I can’t get pro to work on my 10.13.6 Mac. It crashes. It won’t save files or export them. After years of using the free version I finally upgraded to pro and… ya. Not happy.

I have legacy software that means I can’t upgrade past 10.13 on the machine that needs to run SKP Pro.

Is anyone else running this successfully? or should I bail while I can still get a refund?

Thank you for any replies or input! :slight_smile:

Also… Am I correct in that there isn’t actually a ‘pro’ version for the web? Is Pro only a dowloaded product? And is that product able to work without being attached to big-brother (offline)?

I’m currently running 10.13.6. I’m still relying on SU 2020 for daily work, but I have installed 2021 and launched it successfully. When you launch it, it says this:
Screen Shot 2021-12-04 at 11.40.51 PM
but for me, it does launch and seems to work. I haven’t spent much time in it doing real work, though. Is there anything that seems to cause crashes, or does it crash right away?

They do support the last couple versions, so you can probably download and install 2020, or even 2019. I’ve used them extensively with 10.13.6. I have legacy software that won’t let me go past 10.14, and you may be able to do that too. You can download the older versions here.

Thank you @RTCool I greatly appreciate the info.

It will launch, but instantly crashes every time I try to save, save as, or export.

The files are rather complex and large (4mb) with lots of curves etc. and of course they are all .stl created as that is what the free version seems to use. However I have tried to do some very simple files and it still insta-crashes on the saves/exports.

Is there such a thing as a ‘pro’ web based version? Or must you download the pro? (which I’ve done, so I supposed its the latest.

I will do as you suggest and see if an older version is better.


Well, if you subscribed to Pro, you also get the use of SU Shop, the premium web version that does more than the free web version. I haven’t spent a lot on time with that either, though I did teach with SU for Schools a while back. Shop has more features than SU for Schools had back then. I have bogged down Shop by testing out a rather large model file as a test, once.

It’s also not a bad idea to download and install a copy of SU Make 2017, just to have it around as a life boat of sorts.

You can download the .skp directly, you would normally only download the .stl for use in other software.

I was able to run 2017 make thanks to your link. And it works. However it doesn’t seem to have .stl export or save functionality. But I could import the file and then save it as a 2017 .skp. So I’ll have to keep bouncing the file around until I get it to work. Not sure what to do long term though if 2011 won’t work for me.

I will try the SU if I can find it on the ‘products available’ page, there seems to be rather a lot of stuff I’m not really familiar with yet)

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Yes, true. I have found over the years that the free web based version sometimes just glitches largely due to the .stl way it creates things. I understand it’s .skp, not stl, but the core components seem based on .stl (triangles with xyz’s). One of the reasons I upgraded to pro was the hope that it would use real geometry for design and stop the annoying glitches that seem to invade any complex design I work on. Often taking considerable time to repair for use in 3D printing.

Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

These are my options. Am I correct in assuming the one listed as SU for web is in fact the pro version?

Not clear, but you can try it. See if it has features like the outliner. The free version doesn’t have that.

Pro is the name of the plan you are subscribed to. If you check to see which apps are included, go to and choose 'My Products ’ on the left. Then ‘View included apps’:

One of them being the Premium web-based modeling app, which is actually the same as SketchUp Shop.

If not wanting to update the OS yet (or setting up a disc-partition to have multiple OS on your machine) your best shot is to use version 2019 (or, as @RTCool uses, 2020).
One benefit of the subscription system is that you can install and activate all versions that use the ‘sign in’ option to activate an install.
This desktop-client version can also be downloaded from that page:

Best to downsave any created models via [menu] File > Save as, choose 2019 version in the format options and then sign out via [menu] Help > signout (emailaddress), as each sign in a version is counted as a device.
If you run into the error message that you are using SketchUp on to many devices, one can reset them in the AMP as well:


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Thank you! I greatly appreciate the time and trouble you took in posting.

After much experimentation, and using the advice given, I was able to run SU on another platform (Windows), save the 2020 files as 2019, import them, save as 2020 export, import as '21 and file seems stable now. It took awhile to do them lol.

Clearly something (complexity?) of file was causing a bug that crashed the software on the Mac. The files are now safely back on the mac and the files in question along with newly made files seem stable.

I really appreciate all the replies. Kudos :sunglasses: