Does the license locked to my Machine Host ID

Dear Team,

Wanted to know how standalone license gets installed. Is it locked to MachineID or HostID or userID?For example, if I add my Sketchup pro license how does it comes to know that I am the authroized user as you have only Serial Number and Authorization code in the license certificate.

For example, if anyone comes to know my license details they can also use the license freely for their machines by simply download the setup file and adding the license details which they have stolen from me. Once they add the license details SketchUp will check it will with the online license server and it will activate on the stolen machine.

So how do the Trimble servers know that I am the authorised licensed user by verifying with the Serial Number and Authorization code as it can activate in any machine if they have the stolen same license details from me?

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I don’t know the detailed answer, but I would assume if someone steals e.g. my bike, I have to accept the fact that they can use my bike.

The license information is sensitive information that you should keep save. If there are issues with the license, users should (for example) not post the license in the forum. If there are issues with licensing, you can also contact Pro customer technical support over a secured connection.

Whether your license is bound to machine identifiers depends on the license type:
A Single-user license can be installed on two computers (of the same user), thus it is bound to these machines.
A network license can be installed on as many computers as you wish, but SketchUp contacts a Trimble-operated server in the cloud to count licenses in use.

I accept that but in this 21st century how can we secure the license info from hackers .

As the license are not associated with any portal access or the license manager and it is simply with the authorization and serial number .

As @Aerilius wrote, this is really no different from asking how in general you will secure your computer against hackers. Once a hacker has broken into your computer, there is surely a lot of information there of greater value than a SketchUp license!

Also, a stolen single-user license could be employed to install SketchUp on exactly one more computer (assuming you haven’t already installed on two of your own). Unlike a server break-in, this would be one SketchUp license per compromised personal computer and only on the off chance that the hacked computer actually has SketchUp installed - a very low return on the break-in effort.