Does old sketchup 8 run on win10

I have the old free sketchup 8 and I dragged it out and installed it today for the kids and the install seemed to go alright right up to the end.

No errors at all.

But no sketchup.

Is that because of win10? Or there’s something I can do?

When you installed it, did you right click on its installer and choose Run as administrator? If not, try that.

Since SU8 was released long before Win10, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some issues.

I didn’t. I will try again and do that… thanks :slight_smile:

5mins later: It is working. Not 100% sure it was the admin thing - at first I thought there was no difference then I found an icon tucked away in a corner of my screen and found it on the prog list under ‘google sketchup’ (where I’d been looking for ‘sketchup’ only).

So maybe it was my own dumb blindness or maybe the admin install fixed it.

Either way the answer to the question is apparently ‘Yes. It runs on Win10’.

Good to know. Thanks for the help.

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This morning I was suprised by the fact that my 2017 SU make was once again malfunctioning in regard to the selection tool intel graphics lag issue. This time there were no changes made from windows updates or anything like that. Rather than re install the driver which has repaired the selection tool issue the last 10 times I decided to just revert to a previous version of SU because I am sick of this issue. I searched my downloads folder and found a SU version 8 and installed it. It works fine as far as I can tell. I haven’t modeled anything yet but the funny thing is…I opened 2017 make…and the select tool was repaired in the 2017 Make version by the installation of version 8.
But…yes version 8 works on windows 10.

I have SketchUp 8 on my old computer with WindowsI10 and everything is working.

Yes. It works fine. What must I do to be able to get printouts of our designs? Or is that not possible with this old version?

I usually print what I need on my printer. Do you not have a printer? Are you asking if the version 8 SU will send print jobs to your printer? Are you asking how to save the model file in a format you can send to a printing service? You’ll have to be more clear on your question.

all online based functionality as geolocation service will probably not work.

“File > Print…”

Just ‘File/Print’ ?

Excellent. Apparently I’ve asked a dumb question.

It is because I have no printer on the machine we’ve put Sketchup on so I couldn’t/didn’t immediately try that … and…

I have these vague memories of years ago when I had a short time with Sketchup of needing some other prog before I could print things out - ‘Layout’ or something, was it?

My memories are misleading me, eh? Just go ahead and ‘Print’. Too easy. Lovely. Thanks.

‘Layout’ is a companion program of the SU Pro version 6+ for assembling and extending 2D presentations of the model, you’ll find at “File > Send to Layout…” and can of course print from there also.

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