Does building maker still exist?


I know building maker was discontinued a few years back. I thought recently that it was again possible to create models from 45 degree imagery. Anybody know about that?


Did you try match photo for your problem?


Building maker gives you multiple views of a building and let’s you develop a 3D model of the building when you don’t know the dimensions.
Match photos could work but getting the photos is the first problem, which building maker solved, and building maker gives you many photos (starting with 6, but you can add lots more).
I don’t know how to get the angle photos from Google Earth.


I never used building maker,
But I suppose you can open google earth, zoom in to the building you want (if 3d is available), and save as image/screen to to get your photos for photo match.

To get the angled photos, just zoom in, and orbit around the building till you can see the building from the angle you want.


There’s no replacement for the BuildingMaker product that I know of. Google fully deprecated their user generated 3D buildings pipeline last year and along with it went any access to their source imagery.



How do you get the angle view in Google Earth?

They have 3D buildings and trees (very poorly done) but I don’t see the angle imagery.


There’s no special tool or anything. I just meant to orbit around and position your point of view to an angled view of the building you want and screen shot. Depending where you are in the world (on google earth), the quality of the 3D buildings will vary.


Maybe you can use images from streetview?


Images from street view are useful but they don’t cover all sides of the building.

Also, building maker helped you create a 3D model. Street view would let you project an image onto a surface of a 3D model you have already created.


Bing maps bird’s view, a camera, Panoramio, … there are many sources for images.


All useful but none as thorough and easy to use as building maker was. Bing gives 4 bird’s eye views. Building maker started with 6 and you could add many more. It’s very unfortunate that it doesn’t seem to exist anymore.


Hi all, this is my first post (so be gentle).
Trimble (SketchUp new owners) are utilizing the Photo-Match option with their own hardware devices.
See an article here:


Very cool.

I imagine this must be very expensive?