Does anyone know why appears color palette when I show data with UI.messagebox?

The first time I run a code which contains UI.messagebox, always appear my color palette. does anyone know the reason?
If I close the palette and run again the code it doesn’t happen.
No matter how long is the code it happens only the first time.
a simple example:

sel = Sketchup.active_model.selection.first

(I’m on Windows so, I have no idea what the color palette is … :wink:
For sure in Windows there is some issues with dialog boxes - may not related here - on first release of SU2023.)

Try it with SU 2022 or SU2023.01 (23.0.396). Do you have a similar issues?


Never seen that before. What version of SU are you using? (Please include this when reporting issues.)

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I’m using Sketchup 23.0.396

I can reproduce this behavior.

I think it is yet another example of a long-standing bug in SketchUp for Mac that the devs have never explained or fixed. SU on Mac sometimes spontaneously activates the paint tool and opens the “colors” (materials) dialog when some unrelated event occurs, including opening or closing a dialog. Sometimes going back to the select tool from an extension will trigger it. Since nobody seems to know why it happens, I’ve learned to curse quietly, hit space bar to get back to the selection tool and close the colors dialog. As in this example, it usually happens once and then you can go a long time before triggering it again.

Trimble is in the process of converting SketchUp to use the Qt library for the GUI (Windows 2023 was converted as the first step). I hope that may correct this bug since nobody on the team appears to be able to do so in the current GUI.

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Thanks for your answer @slbaumgartner . I hit the space bar too but I was starting to think that it was me the only one this happened to.