Does anyone else find that SU stops rendering the world on multimonitor setups?

Quite often now, and on more than one computer that I own, I find that if I de-focus a SU window (to come to the web browser for example) then when I re-focus SU and try to spin/zoom the world, the displayed image of the world does not change (like SU crashed) thugh the mouse cursor correctly changes to whatever pan/orbit I’m doing.

The inputs have been accepted and the world HAS moved, because if I restore/resize/minimize the window the SU starts behaving normally again (and draws the world at the new camera point that I panned/orbited/zoomed to when it had “frozen”), and redrawing the viewing portal is normal etc… I can then maximize SU and it behaves until it loses focus again

Just wonder if anyone else encounters this?

It sounds rather like an issue with the graphics card’s buffer (it doesn’t redraw when the view should change). Is your graphics driver up-to-date, maybe it was fixed and there is a driver update?

I’ve not had that issue on any of my dual monitor setup. Been using nVidia cards under Windows for the last ten years. Found nVidia to be more reliable with OpenGL application and games.

What graphic card do you have? Have you tried updating your drivers as Andreas suggest?

Alas, if I update the drivers, it sends the computer loopy - it’s a dell laptop with a hybrid SLI pair of GeForces (9500M, which is a 9400+9200) and the only drivers that work reliably are the ones off the dell site (years old) - any newer drivers disable one of the cards (it’s ■■■■ anyway, never delivered the promised performance even when new) and runs the other one at its maximum. This bakes the laptop and has the internal fans running at max without cease

What is curious is that it never used to do it…

…and even more curious is that it now also does it on my works machine, which has 3 monitors and 2 (crappy low end) GeForces

It’s no biggie, just wondered if it was known