Does any one knows about this problem im using Sketchup 2022 pro

Usually it can be because of improper installation. Find your installation file on your computer (or get fresh installer of SketchUp Pro 2022 from here: Download All | SketchUp )
Then right click on the installer file and chose Run as administrator, then chose Repair.

i did but nothing happens the error still persist. maybe its related to windows updates?

Looks like it’s to do with the three Trimble shipped extensions - Dynamic Components, Sandbox and Trimble Connect.

If you click ok SketchUp should still work but not those extensions.

How did you install those extensions in 2022?

Sure, the Failed to read RBE/RBS file, indicating some permission issues.
I would try it again.

  • Restart you computer, to make sure no SketchUp is running.
  • Right click on the installer file and chose Run as administrator , then chose Repair.
  • Restart you computer, again.
  • Start SketchUp
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Those are default Plugin with in Sketchup

What username do you have in Windows?

The screenshots show “Admin”. IMO not a good idea, especially if it is the old-fashioned one with no password. Usually it is recommended to create a new account with admin privileges, and to delete the default “Admin” one.

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