Documentation of AutoText API missing?

The header files document.h includes autotextdefinition.h and api. And the APIs seem to work. However, the documentation folder in the SDK, when you look at documentation.h html files, there is no reference to the AutoText API calls. I had to look at the actual document.h to use it.
Question to the forum, I plan to use the AutoText API as it supports European UTF8 characters. Is that OK, or are these API’s still an undocumented feature.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

It seems to be a typo in our autotextdefinition’s comments, causing links to LOAutoTextDefinitionRef to not be generated. These API’s are documented in the autotextdefinition html file, and are intended to be public. We will hopefully have a fix for this in the next iteration of the SDK.

LOFormattedtextRef should also support UTF8 characters, I will separately try to reproduce the issues you are having with that.


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Thanks for the quick response. Good to know I can use the autotext apis.

By the way, the same issue in the Layout sketchupmodel documentation. The GetClipMask and SeClipMask APIs are missing in documentation. Just for your reference