Document Setup Window not on same monitor as Layout

Installed Sketchup 2021 on new Windows 10 system with multiple monitors, laptop and 2 additional monitors. When running Layout on one of the monitors and performing an update on References the Document Setup window pops up on the laptop screen and not the monitor with Layout. This is actually happening with all pop up windows. Old install on Windows 7 laptop did not do this, they would all pop up on the same screen as Layout. Need this fixed please. Thank you.

I have the same problem, yet worse. Document Setup gets lost in between the two monitors (SU2021) and I have to go to Display Setting and change the zoom on the 27" 4K monitor to make the DS window appear on my 17.5" Laptop screen. Most often I have to unplug the larger monitor and restart Layout for the window to appear. It never appears on the same monitor that Layout is on…

I saw someone asking that it be made into a Tray. I Agree!

I am kind of tired of each new version breaking something that worked fine in the previous version.

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