Document Setup as a Tray


I’d love to have this for multiple reasons, at least for a couple of it’s features.

Having it as a menu that is either off or floating above your drawing feels wrong as it influences what you see and works on the fly:

  • Configures page options like paper size, color and margins affecting the working area (it even calls the color tray to define these colors)
  • It sets rendering options with grid and default raster quality;
  • Most importantly it allows for reference management, which when you want to reload viewports or other references on locked layers is handy. I’m permanently locking unlocking viewport layers in order to reload them and when I forget to lock them back, I’m accidently erasing viewports. Having reference manager always on would be a bless.
  • It’s also where we set auto text so it’s kind of crucial for a lot of workflows.

I’d probably think of creating a tray for each of it’s tabs.


One problem is that the document properties dialog neesds to be quite wide. You need to fit file path, modified date etc in the list of references. The tray needs to be narrow to not take up too much space on the screen. I don’t know how it would fit.


You could show only the file name, and when hovered it would then list the full path or relative path with …\ etc.

What do you think?


I’m afraid I don’t think that would be sufficient. Files can have the same basename but lie in different directories. It can also be very useful to sort by date if you have numerous linked files.


Either way I thonk that’s a minor incumbrance, that can surely be solved. I believe Document Setup can be in a tray (or several) even with that smaller issue.

There are a lot of examples of other methods for shrinking path names and usually there are not so many references with the same name.


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