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I’m having a problem with my document sizes. I’m a creative director in a firm that creates stands.
I design the stand in Sketchup but my Mb’s are always very high. I only use 72dpi images and load them in as materials. Now my real problem is that I want to use the plans on an Ipad with a sketchup viewer. But the viewer can only load files up to max 10mb. My files are 60mb or higher. What can I do to lower the Mb?

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Have you tried Window/Model Info/Statistics/Purge unused ?

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And run Goldilocks.

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Yes, It makes it a bit smaller, but still too large.
We work with standard framesizes, so I draw a rectangle with the correct size and depth and make a group. Then I place a picture in one side as material or texture. This is the only thing I draw and still it’s so big. Should I start different?

Tell us more about your overall modeling techniques.
Image resolution alone is somewhat meaningless without knowing image size.
How big are the images in terms of MB?

Sharing an example .skp file will help us help you identify the problem.

I’m new in sketchup so I will probably do something wrong. The images I use are aprox. 1 or 2Mb. Last stand I designed was a stand for BMW. I had to layout the floor, 250 tiles with dimensions 1mx1m13cm high. 30% of the tiles had an image. Then there was a backwall, 5m high 20m width. All created with frames, 248cm x 99,2cm. 50% had an image. Total size of the sketchup file 250Mb

Is there a way to make it smaller, to work in on a pc is no problem, but we want to give the builders an Ipad so they could seestep by step how to setup the stand. Now we work with paper.

Modeling technique has a tremendous impact upon file size and model performance.
One must keep those in mind at every step of model construction.
The notion of fixing things afterward generally leads to disappointment.

~75 images at an average of 1.5MB each is 112.5 MB
Obviously, the images are a large part of the problem.
Downsample the images to a maximum of 1024 pixels before you bring them into the model.

Here’s a compendium of performance modeling techniques.
How do I make SketchUp run faster? — SketchUp Sage Site

Again … Sharing an example .skp file will help us help you identify the problem(s).
We’ve yet to address how much geometry you’re using to create the models.

do a select all, copy’npaste to a new document, save.

That was a good idea. The file was 100Mb lighter. How can that be? Something to do with the cache memory?

Hi folks.

If your images are not to be seen in close-up, you can reduce their resolution. This will reduce their size.

Another possibility is to :slight_smile:
1 - Model only one item, like the back wall, for example. Model it on the red-blue plane, for example.

2 - Import the images for this back wall and place them to each rectangle of the wall.

3 - Display the wall in Front view and use Zoom Extend to fill the model window.

4 - Export this as a 2D graphic in jpeg format. Specify a decent size when exporting. This means that if your screen is full HD, for example, a 1920 pixel wide image will do the job. The resulting image file shall not be too large.

5 - Repeat the procedure for the floor. You may model it on the red-green plane and use a Top view but this has no importance so far.

6 - Model the real stand with its floor and back wall.

7 - Import each of the two images that you just exported and place them on the floor and back wall. The resulting file shall not be too large.

Just ideas.


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Are you referring to @ely862me’s recommendation to Purge the file or @sketch3d_de’s copy and paste suggestion?

Unless you’re an uber-fastidious housekeeper, the Purge Unused command will generally reduce file size.
How much depends upon the amount of unused stuff you’ve allowed to accumulate in the file.

If copy and paste into a new file reduces the file size a tremendous amount, say, the aforementioned 100MB, it’s an indication there may be lots of stuff assigned to layers whose visibility is turned off, or, you’ve been using the Hide command in rather zealous fashion.

Again … Sharing an example .skp file will help us help you identify the problem(s).

Not sure if this helps your specific scenario, but I use this technique a lot to save some major MB. After placing an image that extends beyond the face and is not tiled or reused; create a unique texture from the face and delete the old material.

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Can you load your skp project in 3D Warehouse, than share wit your partners…

For repeating tiles (or anything that repeats) use Components.

Choose a different Template in Prefs, it may have gotten polluted.