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When using my scrollwheel in SketchUp Free to Orbit on my ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse which supports left and right (forward and back I guess) on the scrollwheel, as I’m used to in SketchUp Desktop, I’m continuously get prompted with “Do you want to leave this site?”. I’m using Google Chrome Version 63.0.3239.84 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Anybody an idea how I can get around this issue? Looking forward to your suggestions.

That would suggest that somehow your scroll is being read as 'back’
I would check your mouse settings.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Actually, my description was not 100% accurate, as I meant to say that I press the scroll wheel to automatically use Orbit mode (regular scrolling is for zooming). And actually the press often results in the prompt showing up. Also checked the mouse properties in Windows, but there seem to be no settings for managing how the scroll wheel should behave, apart from the interval it should be using when scrolling.

From memory Bluetooth mice don’t behave well with SketchupWeb.
Try a usb mouse and see if you get the same problems,

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