Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your PC

When running SU 2016 on my Win 10 computer I get a pop up window asking me yes/no for the auto save file every 5 minutes.

How do I get it to just auto save without having to give it permission every time?


I would guess that your autosave folder is located in a folder that Windows keeps an eye on. I don’t remember where the default location is for files that have not yet been saved, but I understand that after a file has been saved, the autosave files are put in the same location. Is your default folder for Models somewhere else than in your Documents folder?
(Window menu>Preferences>Files)


Yeah, I have them going to my google drive.
Same with my Mac at home. I thought by saving them to my google drive I would be able access them easily from either work on my Window 10 computer or from my Mac at home. Maybe it won’t work like that?

SU is notorious for issues with files located on network or virtual locations.

Some users save locally then sync to virtual / network locations afterward.

Is SketchUp’s icon (on Windows) set to “Run as administrator” ? (“Compatibility” tab, of “Properties” dialog.)

I avoid writing directly from applications to cloud services as too risky.

The error message you are getting would indicate that SketchUp is trying to write its temp file to somewhere inside your Program Files folder. I don’t know what other folders would give the same error.


It wasn’t. I checked the box now for “Run as administrator”. Will see if that help.


How is that?

Dropbox has a local folder in the User path, in the %LocalAppData% folder. Then, users can sync with the online folder via a task tray widget (or let Dropbox do it automatically.)

I think Microsoft’s OneDrive works much the same way (except by default, the “OneDrive” folder is in the user’s Home folder.)