Do you like it? SU 2021?

I"m a SketchUp Official Trainer from China.


I like that you are a SketchUp Official Trainer from China.
I like the first two columns of icons.
I don’t like the icons in 3rd and 4th columns.
…and I would like to have SU 2021.


I’m sure it was meant as a proposal for how 2021 could look, and not a screenshot of 2021.


are there official trainers outside north america?

The improvised icons in the 3rd & 4th columns has a certain clarity about them that I like, the white background might be a little too harsh on the eyes for my liking though, could be toned down a bit to the same background as the first and second column (original).

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Thanks for sharing these- nice work!

I designed SketchUp’s icon set from v. 2.1 through something like v. 2014, and I like your set very much. Maybe you would find my original SketchUp icon proposal interesting, though… check this out:

In the end, we went with something more practical, and I think they have served us pretty well over the years.



Yes, every distributor can authorize trainers and training centre’s (ATC’s)

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i designed it last night,


Nice. I started a similar project last year, but then delayed it, because i thought that maybe Trimble would release their own new icons with SU 2020 and would finally introduce a dark mode, so that my work would be obsolete. (my key points were: max two colors, no fills or only flat shading and bigger/more balanced icons)
Are you planning to share your icons or is it just for yourself? Could be a good starting point…
I would really like to have a more streamlined look, especially regarding the plugins that are totally multi colored and sometimes have a totally “different” style. (IMO it would be good to have guidelines for plugin design).

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Is this a question of “If it ain’t broke…”?


What Simon said . Can’t agree more. Existing icons work just fine. Why change to something less readable ?

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Is there a serious problem with the current icon set that this change would address? I admit it’s a hobby-horse of mine, but I don’t see much value in changing things just because the current fashion favors a “fresh look” created by jaded artists.


I’ll be posting my banana based icons very soon, people have said they are good, very good, the best even.


Can we get them with ice-cream?


Or frozen yogurt for those that prefer alternate facts.

Surely you mean alternate fats?

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Dark mode yes! The white background hurts my eyes.

If they are tasty, I will try them.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All very “sketch-y” but do keep trying . . . !

Im going to disagree with the majority of replies here…

I dont mind the original icons - they have served us well - but they are a little dated now and there is room for improvement. I welcome a robust conversation!

  1. It’s a good idea to change & refine the style of things gradually, to keep with the times and changing paramaters like screen resolution or colourblindness.
    This is preferable to widespread interface changes every 10 or 15 years. (or, worse, never changing!)

  2. Some of the icons are a bit confusing and difficult to read (especially at small sizes).

A few examples:

  • The Pencil tool looks like a “freehand sketch” tool. Every other program I know of represents a Line tool with a …Line.

  • Orbit camera tool looks like a rotate tool.

  • Pan looks like something you would grab things with, while Zoom Extents looks like a lot of Pan icons in other software.

  • Follow Me, Create Component & Move Axis are a bit hard to make out at small sizes.

  • The Eye tool and 3d text tools are stylistically different to the rest.

  • Why does Scale not have a 3d icon?

  • The proportions & perspective of the icons in the Views, Sandbox and Principal tools differ.

  • Offset is part of the Edit palette - sholud it not be in the Drawing pallete?

FWIW i’ve blanked out some and kept the ones i like best :slight_smile: