Do you know your default geolocation

Your SU default geo-location is based on the application language,
For the US it is Boulder Colorado. The NGS ( National Geodetic Survey) data sheet list the location as 400055.41 and 1051646.51 ( Degs., minutes and decimal seconds) at 1778 Broadway Street .
Conversion to decimal degrees is 40.015392N and 105.279600W. (Some input formats would be 40.015392 and -105.279600)
Setting the location per the SU model information drop down does not show the correct location when Boulder Colorado is entered. Google earth shows the same result. The correct actual lat and lon must be entered.
This link gives the deailed steps for downloading the NGS data sheet 15. Control Points and Datum Shifts | The Nature of Geographic Information.
Additional info: the Sate plane location of the point above is located at 380552.807m north and 933217.735 meters east in NAD83 datum zone 0501. This is the origin location of the model, if you want to geo locate you model you can use its x,y location in that datum and the origin location to then establish a geo-location in NAD83 ( WGS 84). Out side the CONUS you will have to use UTM with the appropriate calculations and geo location
If you get different results pls let me know.