Do we need a process to request a topic split?

I’ve recently been involved in a few threads wherein I participated in off topic discussions. (and yes, I shouldn’t have!). It’s just too easy to go off topic - especially when there is already a thread within the topic that is already off topic! For me? It’s generally my haste to insert further information or participate in a pun/snarky comment tangent!

Since only a few of us have the authority to fully split a topic (and I’m not one of the few), on my latest incident, a further comment caused me to flag my own reply! I used “Something Else” to ask that someone with authority do a full split.

Is there a better way to request this? If not, should there be?

That is only I know of. It is what I’ve been doing also.

But I have noticed recently that admin notices are not being process in a timely fashion. (Could be vacation time or team members have other pressing concerns?)

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