Do not receive Activation email


I just downloaded Sketchup, using a log-in with my Apple ID.
I had difficulties signing in to 3D Warehouse with this and decided to change my email address to my outlook address and subsequently changed my password.
However, I don’t receive an activation email to activate this account and thus cannot continue. Could anyone help me with this please?

Thanks in advance

You shouldn’t be expecting an activation email. You should just be able to sign in to the Warehouse with the account you made. As a SketchUp Make user there’s no license sent to you.

If you seem to be having problems signing in to access the 3D Warehouse with your new ID, close SketchUp, clear all internet caches and try again.

Hello DaveR

Thank you very much for your reply!

I have tried what you suggested, but when I enter my mail address to sign in, I get the following page:

I think this could have to do with the fact that before creating an account with my Apple ID, I tried to create one using this mail address, which didn’t work because I kept getting this same message and could not receive an activation link. My guess is that Trimble is now confused because I changed the mail address of my existing account (created with my Apple ID) to this same mail address with which I already tried to create an account? Not sure though…

In any case, I have clicked the ‘click here’ multiple times, but do not receive an email in response to this.

Sorry to bother you with this and again: thank you!

I think @colin will need to sort this out for you, it sounds like something to do with the apple id thing, somehow it hides your email address or something.


For the forum, and for your use of SketchUp, you used the Sign in with Apple option, and also chose the Hide My Email option.

If you continue to Sign in with Apple, and enter your Apple ID, which I am guessing is your Outlook email, you should get through to anything you are due to see.

There are a couple of complications. For the Apple ID sign in, with the hide my email, you have tried the password a few times, and failed. That is locked out at the moment. The sign in with Apple approach would take your Apple ID email address, and the normal password for your Apple account, and would connect to us with a disguised email address.

I think you have been using a password that you chose for Trimble, when signing in with Apple.

Meanwhile, you did attempt to use the Outlook email as a Trimble ID, that currently is waiting for you to verify the email address. It is most likely in your spam or junk folder.

So, sign in with Apple, use your normal Apple ID password, and you should get through ok.

Hello Colin

Thank you very much for your reply and help.
Embarrassingly, I was confusing the different folders in my Outlook-account and this activation email was indeed present in my junk folder…

Apologies for this question and thanks again!