Do I need Pro?

I have been using the sketchup pro trial for 22 days and i’m trying to decide if I need pro or can get by with shop. I don’t do anything too complicated yet. Just making models to plan out my cuts for woodworking projects. I guess what seems like the grey area for me are the following:

  1. I download models from the warehouse and customize them and it says there are limited model downloads.
  2. I add textures to match the wood I want to use
  3. I use a 3rd party extension called cut list to plan out cuts.

I’ve included an image of a project I’m working on now for reference. Would love your insight before I have to make the purchase in a few days! I’ve included a poll as well!

I’ve been using Go for woodworking for almost a year now. I don’t use the warehouse much,
because I’d rather practice and model my own stuff. I use the textures in Go sometimes. There is no cut list or any other extension available in Go. I just model textured boards to make a cut list and paste the parts on top of the boards to figure out what I need.

What kind of models are you searching for? Maybe you aren’t using the right search terms. Maybe few others have modeled what you are looking for. You can design your own projects from the ground up.

You can do this with SketchUp Go (Shop). I think it’s nicer with Pro and you can make your own local collections of wood grain textures for future use. I have a bunch of collections of woodgrain textures organized by species.

SketchUp for web including Go has no implementation for extensions so you wouldn’t get the cutlist generation capability.

There are many other extensions that can be useful for modeling your woodworking projects but of course none of them are required.

I don’t see an image.