Do any extension developers use Jira?

SketchUp internal development uses Jira, right? One of my employees suggested we start using it for our team. Currently I am using shared Google Sheets to manage tasks for our various products. I feel like it is working fairly well as-is but maybe there are some benefits to switching to Jira.

Would it be beneficial for a small team like us (3 developers) to move to Jira? My main concern is having to migrate a ton of backlog tasks from the spreadsheets into the new system. And I’m not sure how it would handle migrating various tasks that have already been completed but we still want to have record of them.

Would be interested to hear from anyone who has experience using this system. Thanks!


Yea we use it in SketchUp, in Trimble overall. I’m not happy about it. Other teams in teams/products are starting to look at GitHub. And GitHub is what I’d recommend myself - it’s become very good for a complete project management service after MS bought it. CI/CD, and their newest Projects feature is working well. I think it feels more “light weight” than JIRA - as in fewer steps to get things logged and organized.

We’re using the GitHub REST API to log issues reported on the GitHub issue tracker to our internal JIRA tracker. The GitHub REST API have libraries for many languages that allows making batch processing scripts relatively easy. So you could create one that converts everything you have in your spreadsheet, including those that are completed (just close them).

If you already use GitHub for source control then expanding your use to the project and CI/CD features makes even more sense.