Dixie High Wire event, Kansas City

SU model with Thea render.

SU model with Thea render and PS sun flare added.

section through for cable considerations.

Thought this might be of interest. It was a complicated project, to say the least ! I modeled the main street junction’s buildings using satellite images and photos from the ground. Photomatching and then extruding geometry. Established where the crane and reach had to be to get the hanging restaurant at a certain height. I then had to figure the arrangement of truss towers and high wires for the tightrope walkers to get from the ground to alongside the restaurant to deliver the food. The tension cables also had to have clear lines back to “K” rails, this took a number of permutations to work, both practically and aesthetically. While I rendered many angles, the SU model was also imported to VR where one could walk the wires and experience different views prior to building. The second cable (10 feet above walking cable) was for safety harnesses.