Divide LenX and also minus an amount for Dynamic component


I’m getting to grips with Dynamic Components, using it to create a credenza. I’ve hit a stumbling block regarding the width of the cupboard carcass. The credenza is made up of 3 individual carcass so I would like to take the width attribute (=Credenza!Width), divide this by 3 and then minus the material thickness of the outer materials, giving me the required finish size of the carcass.

The equation works if I do a single equation ( minus or divide) but I don’t know what code is required to do the two. My attempt is =Credenza!Width-3.6/3 but it doesn’t see them as separate equations and in this example, ignores the /3

I then need to position each carcass along side each other but assume that I do a separate attribute and position the component relative to the adjoining carcass.

Hope you can help.

Can you post the model?

Have you tried to put parenthesis? Have you tried to change the dot by comma?

Sometimes you must use parenthesis so skp make the calculations separately instead of linearly.