Divide by (/2) when making circle no longer working?

When making a circle it asks for radius, so Ive always put in my intended diameter (eg 9.8) and “/2” . This is no longer working. Whats odd though is that if I remove the decimal point (eg 10/2) it works fine!?

Am I going mad or did this used to work in a more logical manner prior to the 2016 update?

The measurements box accepts fractions and mixed whole+fraction formats, but I don’t recall that it ever did calculations. What prior version did you do this on, and have you gone back and retried it there?

I am pretty sure I used to be able to do what @kodachrome wants to do but, like him, have found that it no longer works.

Quite a lot of software packages tat have an input box for values do allow simple maths calculations so it is a bit surprising SU doesn’t.

Fractional input into the VCB has only ever worked with whole numbers - this is because SUp is designed to accept fractional inches - but a decimal point in the input override the fractional part…
So 1/2 or 5/2 will work, but 1.0/2 or 5.0/2 will not.

It has never been any different.
It has been asked for many times…