Distortion issues with lines/objects

Any ideas as to why the lines/objects become distorted?

Looks like a Graphics Card problem…
Please provide details of your GC from Preferences > OpenGL

It maybe that you need to get a newer driver and install it, or roll-back to an earlier one etc…
Sometimes a Windows update messes with your GC drivers in unexpected ways…

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In the OpenGL Settings I had “Use Fast Feedback” unchecked. After checking the option, it resolved the issue. Thanks for your help!

What TIG said is generally useful information, but this exact issue is caused by a change in SketchUp. We had so many cases where Surface Pro users would see a blank scene because of using an integrated Intel GPU, where the solution was to turn off use fast feedback, that SketchUp was changed to turn that off by default, if you were using an Intel GPU.

Sadly, that led to a new symptom, where if you had a more capable Intel GPU you would get those line artifacts.

Glad you found the setting to change.

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