Distorted material map upon second subtraction (bolean)

I have been using the same cutters or subtraction shapes for a few years successfully. I have recently been experiencing a major issue after switching over to a new computer and changing from V17 to V20.

As shown in the image, the single subtraction will cut the cylinder either partially or completely through when subtracted once and map appropriately. If a second subtraction is done cutting entirely through it will mess up the mapping as shown on the right. BUT if not entirely split into a new object the mapping remains good.

What has changed from 17- 20 that I’m experiencing this glitch? Any suggestions on how to correct this? Obviously a major time setback.

Thanks in advance.

Mapping UV always has been tricky in SketchUp, it might be that they have ‘fixed’ an issue and that the cutting objects need an adjustment.
Can you share the model?

Mike, the file can be downloaded here:

Select the vertical cutter and subtract it from the horizontal cylinder. If you do this on a cylinder that will be cut into 2 pieces things get messed up on the second cut. If you do this on the cylinder that is at the top of the cutter and only partway through everything functions normally.

I am baffled by this!

this is strange, the second boolean operation seems to mess things up.

Exactly. When this is working right it’s an incredible time-saver and allows me to have the look of logs without them repeating over and over. Once the mapping is messed up I have to accept the repetition and remap at least 50%.

I have remade the cylinders various ways long with the cutter and the result is always the same. I have not idea what changed.

Hopefully, a master user will have some helpful feedback. I can not be the only one to experience this.