Display full file path in title bar


Is it possible to display the current file’s full path in the title bar on a Win10 system?


I do not think it can.
opening the [Window]->Ruby console and pasting this snippet:


Will give the path.
I think it will be possible to have this in a menu, but this is as far as my ruby-knowledge goes, I guess


The window manager can only render the file path besides the application name in the window title bar if it knows it. But application windows are not necessarily linked to a single file (some applications do not open files, some open several files). The application needs to set this explicitely (like e.g. Windows Explorer folder options).

The SketchUp API does not allow extensions to manipulate the main SketchUp window (they can only set HtmlDialog/WebDialog titles). You could ask @DanRathbun who probably knows how to set the window title via the win32 API.
But it could break all plugins that rely on win32 methods to find the SketchUp window handle.



Are you saying it would be difficult for the SketchUp Team developers to show the full path in the title bar?


No, I think he is saying that the app must tell the os what it wants displayed there.


I could look it up, but do not have the time right now, and this is not a development category.
This should be a feature request (and I think it has been requested in the past.)

We’ve also requested an API method to get the application window object without resorting to the search by caption “hack”.


True on both points.
I logged a FR ‘elsewhere’ back in '17