Disliking Posts?

There is no link to “Dislike” postings.

There is a “heart” icon, but no icon link for minus-one’ing a post.

Not sure what the icon should be.

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I manage to express my dislike for certain postings using ordinary language all the time. The nice thing about using language instead of an icon is its infinitely adjustable flame length. Depending on how egregious or trivial the offense, you can blast the offender with gouts of flame or merely make him sweat a bit.


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Funny guys.

But seriously, as a feature sometimes it is easier and quicker to vote -1. But it doesn’t prevent a minus voter from replying if they care to. You tube has both the up and down votes.

The + votes add up and often give users some reward. If there are just as many who disagreed, then the “score” would not be lop-sided.


That quote was not copied correctly… and is confusing.

And aren’t we all lucky that this “Adam Davis” is not King of the World and Prince of all Thought Police.
Who is HE to FORCE people to express their private thoughts.
Who is HE to FORCE people to express themselves in ONLY ways HE DECREES!

I am arguing that there are 3 classes of readers of a post.
Those that “Like”
Those who are “Indifferent” (“Shrug”)
Those that “Dislike”

It is also weird that there is only a small set of “positive” emoticons.

Anyway… none of this matters, because the issue has already been discussed “ad nauseam” and they developers have decided to deny a negative expressive button as a built-in core feature,) because it conflicts with THEIR positive philosophy for the software.

[Sam Saffron said][1]:
We strayed from the whole downvoting thing at Discourse for very good reason. I feel downvoting often discourages civilized Discourse which makes it contrary to our core mission.

Supporting various vote types is something that is in core, exposing downvote functionality is not something that will be a core site setting.

Well it is their software.

But there may be a plugin, that would add other buttons.
[1]: http://meta.discourse.org/t/should-down-voting-be-core-functionality-in-discourse/40/6

I think I belong to the fourth of these three classes. I like to see a reason to why someone “likes” or “dislikes” something and if I express an opinion (seldom) I too hope to offer some justification to them. To me, icons are worthless - it is impossible to learn anything from them.


Gee, I dunno Dan. How many does one really need?
[EMOJI CHEAT SHEET][1] — This page says Discourse supports all of 'em.

Random sample … slot machine :slot_machine:
Handy for describing certain search engine behaviors
[1]: http://www.emoji-cheat-sheet.com/

I meant in the popup menu.


OK I stand corrected.

To me, icons are also pretty worthless. I just think they’re a dumb gimmick representing a polarization of everything in the world down to two simple-minded opposites: “likes” and “dislikes.” What are we, six years old?

Frankly, I don’t like the entire lexicon of simplified, dumbed-down, and just plain inane expressions, abbreviations, icons, and symbols that has grown up in support of the use-case of a two-thumb keyboard operated by an adolescent. Adults managed to correspond via the written word for centuries without resorting to smilies, emoticons, and lols. There are actually words for all those things.


Yea OK.

But the basic issue I have is that alone the “Like” feature is one-sided, totally subjective, and worthless.

It doesn’t give any information, other than make people “feel good” for a moment.

This post may get a dislike from me and I think Dan would understand the reason. Why is there an heart button if this fast way to anwer isn’t wanted?

It bothers you if people feel good?


If liking a post is to make them feel good, you want to dislike to make them feel bad? YouTube has up and down votes to separate fake or spam videos, I don’t think we have that problem here, yet. While there as been times I see questions that make me want to dislike, what’s the point? It’s just me venting frustration, it benefits no one. Will you not read a post with a dislike? Of course you still will, and you can make up your own opinion if a post is crappy or not.

[quote=“Gully_Foyle, post:14, topic:2153”]
It bothers you if people feel good?[/quote]

Dislike :-1: (which is typing :-1:)

You are purposely pointing out the obscure, and which (from my point of view,) is being overtly antagonistic.

(But I didn’t HAVE TO explain myself. I only DO so, because it is MY desire to, at this time. Other times I may not.)

So yea, this is the perfect situation for a “go to hell” or “flip the bird” button.

Ya need to know that I satarted on the internet back when things like forums and chat rooms were all text mode. We had what was called “actions
We could type: “flipgrin Gully”
and the system would spit out: “Danz just flipped off Gully, with a big grin on his face.”

It was of course an adult BBS system.

Are we six? Is this 1989?

And really, I don’t care if you explain yourself or not.


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Can we flag a topic instead a post?

Yes there is a topic Flag button to the left of the topic Reply button.

It is not a “dislike” of the person, it is a “disagree” with what was said.

And I did not say I did not like people to “feel good.” That was Gully that twisted what I said.

No that is not what the up or down votes are for on YouTube. When you hover over the “thumb’s up” icon, the tooltip says “I like this”, and when you hover over the “thumb’s down” icon, the tooltip says “I dislike this”. “Plain as day.”

There is a “(Flag icon) Report” button to report spam and porno, etc. on YouTube.