Disassociating Components

My work style is, rather than create objects one-by-one to create one object (say a “plank of wood”) copy/paste/and manipulate/resize it into position. In SketchUp, when I select/copy/paste an object, what I have created is a copy of that object that is tied to that object (a component). This can be very useful to manipulate multiple objects…
How, when I copy/paste an object can I immediately disassociate it from the object it was copied from?

Right click, make unique.

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That sounds like a very cumbersome way of working. It’s usually easier to draw ‘in situ’.

Why do it your complicated way?

I see you are using the free Web version. If you were to use the Make 2017 desktop version instead, you could use the Wood Framing plugin from SketchUcation that Steve Baumgartner and I wrote a couple of years back.

If your use is non-commercial, as it should be if you are using the Free web version, Make is (in my view anyway) more usable, and can use most current plugins too.

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You’re very right. Seeing what SketchUp is capable of, my approach might be overly cumbersome. What I’m working with (just trying to redesign my kitchen) is an imported .dwg from nanoCAD with all sorts of minor problems due to UCS-related annoyances. (I used VectorWorks 20 years ago to completely design my house…)

I thought it would be as simple as select the (plywood) plank, stretch or compress it, and move it exactly into place… Not so, yet.

When you saw this I was getting my feet wet with free-Web-SketchUp. I’m now on day 2 of Sketch Pro trial and know nothing about Make 2017.

That’s a good way to go, but if you don’t need the facilities of Layout, and relatively minor improvements in later versions of Sketchup, and you are using this for personal purposes only, Sketchup Make 2017 is still free. You can get it from sketchup.com/download/all, for Windows or Mac.

It starts as a 30 day trial of Pro 2017, but reverts to the free Make version at the end of the trial. You lose a few features, mainly Solid Tools, and some import/export file formats (including DWG), you lose Layout, and also the Style Builder app.

Your profile says you are using the web version. Maybe you could correct that since that information is useful in giving you help.
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Only posted 3 hours ago, how ca that be prior to 2days pf pro usage.