Disappearing walls and automatic camera view switching

Hi there. I have 2 issues which I hope someone can please help me with:

  1. When zooming close into my house model to get an exact point, my walls seem to disappear. It happens in both parallel and perspective view. I’ve tried the simple save and restart but that then doesn’t make any difference. I know this can happen when in parallel view but I’m definitely in perspective view. But then when I dbl checking this, it seems to have jumped back to parallel view. And this is problem no. 2 - the automatic switching between the views without instruction by me!

After seeing a video and then checking my file, a friend seems to think it’s a bug and suggested I check on here. I have a video to showing case my explanation isn’t clear but can’t seem to see an upload link option on here. Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much, Brenda

It’s called clipping, you can find a lot of infos here in the forum or in this help arcticle: https://help.sketchup.com/en/sketchup/clipping-and-missing-faces