Disable plugin download for Make

How can I disable my plugin download for Sketchup Make?

I want to do that in the plugin or in the store so that user do not have to do it.

I moved your thread to the appropriate category to reduce confusion.

You cannot disable the download from the EW store. (Users can also download from an external browser and install manually, whilst ignoring the compatibility settings.)

But you can switch of functionality by using a conditional expression that checks for Pro only or a version integer that is greater than 17. Ie …

if Sketchup.version.to_i > 17 || Sketchup.is_pro?
  # define your extension's functionality and user interface

Or you could just raise a NotImplementedError in the extension’s first loaded file (not the registrar file in the “Plugins” folder.) Ie, at the top of the extension’s loader file …

unless Sketchup.version.to_i > 17 || Sketchup.is_pro?
  fail(NotImplementedError,"The SomeNiftyToolExtension extension is Pro only!")

# Then define the extension functionality ...
module Author
  module SomeNiftyToolExtension


Your 3rd option is to open a non-modal HtmlDialog that explains that the extension is Pro only and was not loaded.


Also, this method (which was wrapped inside the Model class in error, but cannot be moved now)